We at Betta-View Hills rejoice in God’s presence.  We sing praises to Him, speak to Him through prayer, and listen to Him speak to us via an appointed spokesman.  The Bible is highly regarded as the only source of inspired written literature and we do our best to follow its teachings.  We understand that all of us will fall short of God’s expectations, but we refuse to give in to Satan’s tactics.

The people at BVH are family.  We love each other and try to fulfill each others needs as seen in the early church.  We also appreciate those who visit our church home and we desire to adopt you into our family.

At BVH we take a slightly different approach to our Sunday gathering time.  Many churches gear their worship to the visitors, but we gear our services toward our family.  Just as friends are invited to family gatherings, we too invite our friends and guests to be part of our church family gathering.

Each Sunday A.M. service will include activities found in scripture that were practiced weekly in the early church:

We will sing songs of praise.  Most of the songs we sing will be projected on a screen; however, if you have difficulty seeing the projection, the majority of the songs can be found in the songbook located in the songbook rack.

We will pray.  Our services typically  begin and end with prayer.  There will also be prayers offered intermittently throughout the service.

We will observe the Lord’s Supper.  This memorial has been observed for almost 2000 years, since the establishment of Christ’s church.  We continue the weekly fellowship by remembering Christ’s sacrificed body and blood by partaking of emblems that represent them.

We will collect an offering.  We could not accomplish what we do without a collection of funds.  The collection allows us to carry on our local work as well as support many other wonderful ministries like:

1. Malawi, Africa

2. Fayette, AL

Visitors should not feel obligated to make an offering to support this family’s requirements; however, if you would like to assist in our work we appreciate your help.

We will have a lesson.  Each week our minister will deliver an encouraging message from God’s Holy Word.  At the end of the lesson an invitation will be extended for anyone that would like to take the opportunity to respond to a call from God.  A song will be lead to provide time to express the desire to be right with God, or to offer thanks for prayers answered.

If you have any questions, concerns, or prayer requests, please speak to an elder or one of the ministers.  We will be honored to hear what you have to say and hopefully welcome you as part of this wonderful family of God.